Jörð Andi is born from a trip at the end of the world, where some roads simply divert to not disturb places sheltering spirits, where days are often full of night. In Jörð Andi's serie, there is something about dreaming, immediacy, elusiveness, confrontation of scales and elements... like these Spirits taken in situ, which seem to call elements of a nature we are making out in the mean time, unstable, changing, hostile and powerfull. These are Spirits we were expecting, disturbing and which end by posing, and finally, looking at us…

Inspired by animist legends and Yokai, Jörð Andi's serie attempt to catch this untuchable instant, this breath of life touching evey single thing, forcing us to bow down before the majesty of the origin.

Photographies: Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff
Art Direction: Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff & Alexandra Petracchi
Costumes Design:
Julie Daleyden

Barthélemy Antoine-Loeff lives and works in Paris. Multimedia artist, director and performer, he likes to works images, to let them talk like as a natural starting point to explore new narratives forms, complex, free, sometimes interactives or performatives. His poetic universe oscillates between unsaid and (false) perceptions of our environment.
His many theatrical and musical collaborations (interactives scenography) led him to co-found the artists' collectives iduun to create interactives installations and audio-video performances. In 2011, the last creation, the audiovisual and cinema show Kadâmbini is finalist of the Paris Young Talents Price. The collective is in residence of creation in Mains d'Œuvres, Paris.
Website: ibal.tv

Alexandra Petracchi is an illustrator - freelance graphic designer. Her trips in the imagination gave her the opportunity to work in children’s publishing as an illustrator and art director of edutainment projects. When she’s not traveling, she’s flying from flash animations to posters and other visual identities, often for the cultural sector. And when she finally lands, it is to tell us about his magical life made of strange creatures…
Website: faitetrit.com/blog

Julie Daleyden ( superlilipopette) vit à Lille , graphiste illustratrice freelance , elle travaille dans le domaine de l’enfant ( et grands enfants ) dans les secteurs de la mode, de la décoration et aussi du jouet. En paralléle julie s’échappe dans des moments plus personnels ou elles partage à travers des expositions des créations poétiques graphiques et joyeuses.
Sa gamme colorée est faite de tons acidulés , de touches fluorescentes et qui est très souvent contraster de noir Elle aime utiliser différentes matières tel que le papier, le fil, le tissu, et la gravure jouant sur des effets de mat et de brillant. Son travail de masques part de recherches de volumes et d’histoires. Une envie d’offrir des instants magiques à travers différents personnages, faire partager un esprit cocooning ou on se sent bien comme un second souffle.Un instant ailleurs.
Website: julie-daleyden.tumblr.com